A well bred Griffon is a treasure to own!!  You can't tell that I'm prejudice can you??  At this time we do have a couple of young babies that we have decided will be available to loving pet homes. It would depend on what you are looking for as to if one would suit your needs, as all Griffons have slightly different temperaments and as I state below a good breeder will try to match the puppies temperament with the individual owner.  Of all the breeds I have been involved with this is by far the most UNIQUE!!   
 Do you have a size preference?  Are you more interested in Male/Female or just a nice looking dog with a good temperament?  I don't recommend male or female but would rather people place color, size and personality matches over the sex. Show dog or loving family pet?  Is your family active or laid back?  Sorry for all the questions but each Griffon has a slightly different temperament and a good breeder will try to match you up with a puppy to form a long lasting relationship where you and the puppy are happy, not just sell you a puppy.

            One word of caution.  Due to the rising popularity of the breed there are a lot of less than ethical people who call themselves breeders, who are only breeding sperm & egg.  Beware!!  You might want to verify that the prospective breeder is a member of the American or National Brussels Griffon Club.  All the ethical breeders I know of won't mind being checked up on!  They will require spay/neuter contracts - as this breed is extremely difficult to raise, and do not make good house pets if they aren't altered.  We all care about what happens to our dogs 'after your check has cleared'.  You are taking the time to research the breed you are interested in - be sure your seller is taking the time to breed puppies that are true to the breed!!  You will have this member of your family for the next l2-l5 years.

         Feel free to contact me should you have additional questions.  Sometimes I'm easier to reach by phone as I haven't figured a way to groom dogs while answering e-mail, I have however become a master at talking on the phone while grooming <G> (727-546-4008).  I work from my home so am usually home during the day.

        Contact me so that I know you have received the information.  Tell me a little about your family and what you expect from this puppy.  The more a breeder knows about the new home the better they can choose the right puppy for the family.  Where are you located?

Cheryl Stevens
         Hope this helps... let me know if you have further questions.